Planning Applications

The planning process is carried out usually in consultation with the local Planning Authority from which you would be seeking a planning approval and involves a design process to establish a building design, external spaces,building structures and elevational treatment for the purpose of the building whether residential, commercial or industrial.

Design requires attention to choice of materials, vehicular and pedestrian access, parking, building thermal performance, energy efficiency, relationship to neighbouring property, landscaping and nuisance by way of noise, emitted smells, etc.

Planning normally involves a process of discussion, research, preliminary design, pre-application advice from Local Authority, discussion with neighbours, preparation of final design, design and access statement and finally submission of planning application to Local Authority.

The planning presentation package of drawings, written information, photographs and supporting information needs to be prepared and presented in a manner that sales the proposed development to the Planning Officer, Neighbours, Parish Council,Highways Dept and other consulting authorities.