Listed Building Consent

The statutory listed building system is used to record our historic buildings and the architectural features of importance and listed buildings are categorized into Grade 1, Grade 2* and Grade 2. Local Authority heritage departments have a statutory duty to protect listed buildings from development proposals which would affect the fabric of the listed building and from proposed developments in the vicinity of the listed building which might affect the setting of the listed building.

Repair works to listed building also require Listed Building Consent and normally the requirements are that any replacement is like-for-like using the construction technique or method that was originally used, i. e. lime mortars, wattle and daub to walls, lathe and plaster to ceilings, traditional joinery sections, retention of flagstone floors, retention of existing timber staircases, etc.

Unfortunately in recent times due to our economic restraints 20% VAT has to be paid on all works to listed buildings whereas previously, the works were zero rated and gave the incentive for the owners of listed buildings to maintain their properties in a good state of repair.