Building Regulations

Every building whether residential, commercial or industrial has to comply with The Building Regulations with only a few exemptions such as buildings not frequented by people, greenhouses and agricultural buildings, temporary buildings not intended to remain for more than 28 days, ancillary building such as house sales offices, small single storey detached buildings having a floor area not exceeding 30 SQ M which has no sleeping accommodation and not less than one metre from a boundary and constructed substantially of non-combustible materials, conservatory, porch, covered yard or covered way or carport open on at least two sides provided the extension does not exceed 30 SQ M and in the case of a conservatory or porch which is wholly or partly glazed with glazing satisfying the requirement of The Building Regulation, Part N.

Building Regulations apply to:

  • Structure – Foundations, walls, floors, roofs, etc
  • Fire – Protection of elements of structure, provision of fire escape routes, Proposal for fire alarms, Emergency Lighting, Smoke and Fire Detection
  • Drainage – Drainage construction including materials, Inspection chambers, Drainage protection etc
  • Sound – Sound insulation requirements for compartment walls, floors etc

The above is only a brief list of matters dealt with under The Building Regulations which have been added too over the years and are updated from time-to-time.