Barn Conversions

Barn conversions mainly in rural situations are encouraged by Government legislation to return redundant farm buildings into practical uses whether residential or commercial. Conversion of barns into holiday accommodation or simply additional ancillary accommodation has become more and more common.

A suitable barn would be one that is relatively structurally sound so that the building could be sensibly converted usually retaining the main features of the barn with regard to roof lines and openings such as barn doors, loft access doors, etc.

External walls of existing barns if unstable can be underpinned, ground floors replaced with modern insulated construction, masonry external walls can have new drainage tanking membranes internally and overlaid with insulated internal linings, attic floor structures can be overhauled or replaced, roofs overhauled or replaced and insulated. Generally, barnb conversions can make comfortable residential accommodation.

We specialise in new build residential developments, alterations and extensions to existing residential property, barn conversions, industrial and commercial developments, etc.

Barns that are in a particularly poor state of repair and structurally unstable and that really require demolition and rebuilding are sometimes frowned upon by Local Authority planning departments who take the view that a proposal for demolition and rebuild is creating a new dwelling perhaps in a location which normally would not be permitted.